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GreenState 2018 Award

Boveda Captures Excellence in Products in the 2018 GreenState Cannabis Awards

Boveda is officially EXCELLENT! (Insert air guitar here.) GreenState editors and writers granted Boveda the excellence award for exceptional performance in the cannabis industry. GreenState is the digital cannabis media site for the San Francisco Chronicle.     Sean Knutsen, Boveda CEO:  “We are passionate about maximizing people’s enjoyment of their passions–it’s our whole purpose […]
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Boveda Smart Sensor and App

Introducing the Boveda Smart Sensor

What cigar lovers said about the new Boveda Smart Sensor The Boveda Smart Sensor Starter Kit is now out in the cigar world! Before you could buy it, we asked several cigar collectors to try it out in their own home humidors to monitor humidity and temperature. (Kick its virtual tires, so to speak.) Peruse […]
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Boveda Science

What Makes Boveda the Only Precision Humidity Control?

Two-way Humidity Control means the same thing to us today as it did when we patented the packaged version 20 years ago: The ability to add and/or remove moisture and still maintain a specific Relative Humidity (RH). It means acting on the environment instead of being at the mercy of it. It means specificity, reliability […]
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